Daily Quote: December 18

Every life is march
from innocence,
through temptation,
to virtue or vice.
~ Lyman Abbott (December 18, 1835 – October 22, 1922)

Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf

International Migrants Day

Give a Wine Club Day

Just back from a vacation in Dominican Republic where I traveled with my Nikon D60 to “paint with light”.  I was afraid to travel with my newer, bigger, faster more expensive cameras, so I brought the D60 with me for the trip.  It is still a work horse and provides good, crisp, clear pictures with the DX55-200mm VR lens and circular UV filter.

Many tourist resorts in the Caribbean have a game called “steal the towel”.  On arrival you are given a card that you can trade for a beach towel.  Before check out you need to return a beach towel for your card.  If you don’t have a card at check-out you loose $25.  So anyone who has lost a towel is going to take someone else’s to avoid the $25 fee.  If you want to avoid committing the sin of stealing, I would strongly advise that you take your own $5 towel with you and don’t bother with a resort towel.

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