MacGregor Point Provincial Park

Our “new to us” camping trailer continued with minor issues.  This time we at least knew we needed to fill the water tank before setting up at the camp site.  However, the plug was missing on the fresh water tank.  We set-up and headed into nearby Port Elgin to look for a plug.  Home Hardware was the 3rd store we stopped at and they had a tap that would work for under $10.  However the tool required cost $12.  So for a mere $22 we were able to fix the problem and return to fill the tank.  We’re not certain how much water the tank holds, but it only lasted 2 days with very conservative usage.

There are only 2 handicap sites available at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.  We booked lot 91.  Unfortunately this isn’t the best lot for accessibility.  The lots are very uneven and haven’t been graded for several years.  Be certain to bring extra pieces of 2×10’s to set up on the sites.  The other issue is that the electrical outlets are often 30 or more meters from the rear of the trailers.  Luckily the park staff are able to loan extension cords on a first come basis.

The access path from lot 91 to the washroom/shower facilities is much more than the 1/12 slope required for accessibility standards.  It would be impossible to navigate the path with a wheelchair.  Lot 75 would have been a much better lot for people with accessibility requirements.  The pathway from lot 75 to the centrally located facilities is paved and easily meets accessibility requirements.  Park staff actually use this paved access to move their cleaning supplies.

I loved the well groomed bicycle paths and trails.  Luckily I didn’t see any of the Black bear that were posted as being in the park.  The dog beach was wonderful, Rickie excitedly chased the waves.

Ducks Unlimited work with the park to preserve nature.  The 3.5 Kilometer pathway is amazing, but better done on foot.  There is an observation deck and a bird blind on the trail.

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