Daily Quote: June 3

Quote 2019-06-03.jpg

What more can we require?
Nothing but time.
~ James Hutton (June 3, 1726 – March 26, 1797)


One of my favorite childhood things to find in the forest and now it is actually growing in my garden.  I love the new trend in gardening to “Plant Native”.  But it still seems like more of an adventure to find these plants growing along the paths in the forest.

A.M. (Mac) Cuddy Gardens Tour

Annual Garden Tour of the 5 acres donated by the Cuddy Family to Fanshawe College is a bargain.  Only $5 for a tour of the gardens and to walk at your own pace after the tour.

The only downfall is that this is the only weekend that the gardens are open to the public to view.  Many of the flowers are either past their bloom (tulips, narcissus) or not yet blooming (Rose Garden).

At the end of the tour there were 2 greenhouses filled with plants for sale at excellent prices.

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