Daily Quote: May 7

Quote 2019-05-07.jpg

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.
~ Joseph Joubert (May 7, 1754 – May 4, 1824)

One of my favourite places to walk, a shaded path nestled between mature tall pines and Pincombe Millpond. The day I took this picture I had decided escape housework and go for a walk on a beautiful sunny, warm day in early May.  I had started out after washing the kitchen floor 3 times.  Once because it hadn’t been washed for a month; twice because my adult son came home to work and walked over the wet floors with muddy shoes; and the third time because my husband came walking across the still wet floors.  Rickie, (my  wire haired terrier) and I walked over 7 kilometers, and were late for lunch.  We  spent the afternoon reading on the back porch warmed by the springtime sun and listening to the birds singing.