Flower Pot Island

There are several different boat lines that will take you from the main land to the island.  The glass bottom boats cruise down Big Tub Harbour so you can get a view of the sunken ships.

On-leash dogs are welcome on the boats and throughout the park.

Once you land on Flower Pot Island you’re in for a wonderful hike.  Be certain to take water and snacks.  The distance may not seem very far, but the terrain is challenging.  I only saw 1 small garter snake and it was much too fast for me to get a picture.

The walk from the dock to the flower pots:

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Amazing walk to the lighthouse and observation deck:

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The Loop trail is very challenging with steep stairs and large rocks.  Rickie was fine going up the stairs but wouldn’t go down.

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Marl Bed Trail was the last trail Rickie and I hiked going to the far end of the island and past the campsites.  I think I’ll add camping on the island during a full moon to my bucket list.  Backpack only.  No campfires are permitted.  But you get a private waterfront platform site.

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