McGregor Point Provincial Park

With the Derailment clean-up continuing in my backyard, I decided it would be a good day to join my Grandson and his mother at Lime Kiln Cottages, Tiverton ON for the day.  A wonderful day for a 2 1/2 hour drive with Rickie (my dog).

We used my Season’s Provincial Park Pass to go to McGregor Point Provincial Park for the afternoon.

The Campers’ Beach was an excellent sheltered area where my grandson enjoyed playing in the calm water.

No reservations could be made for this weekend’s camping, although there were some “first come” sites available.

Next time I go to this park I will bring my bicycle and Kayak.

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Train Derailment Clean-up continued

Scary morning as we looked out the back window and saw flames more than 20 feet high.  The flamable contents in derailed cars were being emptied using a “controlled burn”.

According to the London Free Press this morning, there were actually 2 derailed cars with environmentally sensitive chemicals resulting in a small leak of petro allylate, a substance used in making plastics.

I guess the liquid propane that had to be burned off before moving the derailed cars wasn’t considered a dangerous substance?