Parc de la Gatineau

Finding this Federal Park using a TomTom or GPS was very difficult as you had to have the exact name to locate it.  We had to use Google maps to finally get directions, then followed road signs to locate the Visitors’ Centre.  Displays at the Visitors’ Centre were wonderful, but wild life identification wasn’t as clear as I have seen in other Centres.

Parc de la Gatineau, located in Quebec Province, is a Federal Park maintained by NCC, so your free National Park Pass won’t work here.  You don’t pay a 1 time pass fee to enter for the day, you must pay at each parking area and the parking passes aren’t transferable to another area.  If you are really keen, you can learn where the free parking areas are and access the other parts of the park with a small hike or bicycle ride.  We paid $11 at P5 which didn’t cover the entire day, but was more than adequate for our afternoon visit.

My main goal was to see the Estate of our longest Prime Minister, MacKenzie-King spent his time and to see the Ruins he had moved to the Estate.  High Tea for 2 is served for $48, reservations are suggested.  I hiked the nearby trail that would be rated moderate with many rocks and roots along the paths.  The waterfall was well worth the short hike.

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Definitely worth the trip to see Parc de la Gatineau.