McGregor Point Provincial Park

With the Derailment clean-up continuing in my backyard, I decided it would be a good day to join my Grandson and his mother at Lime Kiln Cottages, Tiverton ON for the day.  A wonderful day for a 2 1/2 hour drive with Rickie (my dog).

We used my Season’s Provincial Park Pass to go to McGregor Point Provincial Park for the afternoon.

The Campers’ Beach was an excellent sheltered area where my grandson enjoyed playing in the calm water.

No reservations could be made for this weekend’s camping, although there were some “first come” sites available.

Next time I go to this park I will bring my bicycle and Kayak.

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Train Derailment Clean-up continued

Scary morning as we looked out the back window and saw flames more than 20 feet high.  The flamable contents in derailed cars were being emptied using a “controlled burn”.

According to the London Free Press this morning, there were actually 2 derailed cars with environmentally sensitive chemicals resulting in a small leak of petro allylate, a substance used in making plastics.

I guess the liquid propane that had to be burned off before moving the derailed cars wasn’t considered a dangerous substance?


Strathroy: More Train Derailment Photos

Due to the quick work by Emergency Crews, by 9:30 AM only 2 roads (Hwy 81 and Metcalfe) remained closed in Strathroy, Ontario due to the Train derailment that occurred at about 4:30 AM.  I took a walk on the other side of the tracks along Maitland St to Caradoc Street to take the photos below.  It was a miracle that the derailment occurred at 4:30AM and no one was hurt.  At any other time of day cars and people are lined up at these railway crossings.

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Strathroy-Caradoc Horticultural Society’s 23rd Annual Garden Tour

Always an amazing event due to the amazing Sponsors, Volunteers and Hosts, that so graciously open their gardens for the tour.

#1 Located at 57 Ashby Crescent, Strathroy

Newer Subdivision with country feel.  Cool pool and Rubber Ducky.

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#2 Located at 95 Saxonville Court, Strathroy

Newer area with established trees left on sites.  Wonderful mix of new and old with an automatic watering/irrigation system to help keep maintenance low.

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#3 Strathroy Public Library, 34 Frank Street, Strathroy

Tickets for the tour could be bought here.  Silent auction and other items for sale.

#4 Located at 162 Front Street West

An old house was demolished at this site 3 years ago to make way for a beautiful garden beside the MacKinlay-Paul Park.  A wonderful fenced in area providing an excellent private pond and garden.

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#5 Silent Auction was moved to #3 as the tour was blessed with excellent weather. 

#6 Located at 217 Millpond Crescent, Strathroy

Unique urban wilderness backing onto trails at Sydenham Conservation Area.

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#7 Located at 24458 Poplar Hill, RR#2 Ilderton

Beautiful 1/2 acre haven.  An ever changing canvas.

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# 8 Located at 9535 Greystead Dr, Denfield ON

Wonderful metamorphosis in only 7 years from 20 acres of pasture and bush to Home, Gardens and trails.

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Parc de la Gatineau

Finding this Federal Park using a TomTom or GPS was very difficult as you had to have the exact name to locate it.  We had to use Google maps to finally get directions, then followed road signs to locate the Visitors’ Centre.  Displays at the Visitors’ Centre were wonderful, but wild life identification wasn’t as clear as I have seen in other Centres.

Parc de la Gatineau, located in Quebec Province, is a Federal Park maintained by NCC, so your free National Park Pass won’t work here.  You don’t pay a 1 time pass fee to enter for the day, you must pay at each parking area and the parking passes aren’t transferable to another area.  If you are really keen, you can learn where the free parking areas are and access the other parts of the park with a small hike or bicycle ride.  We paid $11 at P5 which didn’t cover the entire day, but was more than adequate for our afternoon visit.

My main goal was to see the Estate of our longest Prime Minister, MacKenzie-King spent his time and to see the Ruins he had moved to the Estate.  High Tea for 2 is served for $48, reservations are suggested.  I hiked the nearby trail that would be rated moderate with many rocks and roots along the paths.  The waterfall was well worth the short hike.

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Definitely worth the trip to see Parc de la Gatineau.