Rondeau Provincial Park: Marsh Walk

Using my Seasonal Pass for Provincial Parks I went to Rondeau for the day.  I was hoping to use my kayak in the bay, but it was a bit to choppy for me to try with my limited experience.  So I decided to try the 7 Kilometer (one way) Marsh Walk.  The signs warn that you need 4-5 hours to complete the round trip to the point and back.  The problem with taking such a long hike with my camera is that there were so many wonderful photos it takes just as long to edit the pictures.  Without distance markers it is impossible to know how much farther you have to go, so you just keep walking until you hit the end.

The upper level of the look-out at KM 1 is closed, but the slight detour is well worth the extra time to see the swallows on the main level.  In the past this is as far as I got.  A bicycle would make the trip easier as the route prior to the gate is easy to travel.

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Beyond the gates it’s a much more difficult walk as there are turtle nests everywhere and the road is far less traveled.

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Reaching the turnaround at the point was a little disappointing as there were no signs to say “You’ve made it” and you are unable to see above the reeds.

End of Marsh Trail at Rondeau Provincial Park.


The birds were amazing along the Marsh walk:

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And so many plants along the marsh trail:

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I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to reach the point.  I look forward to returning to Rondeau Provincial Park during the summer to bike, hike the other trails and use my kayak.

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