Strathroy Home Town Festival (Turkey Fest) 2017

I was a little disappointed that the name is being changed on the 40th anniversary of our Turkey Festival.

I arrived shortly after 7 PM for the car show, held in Strathroy Downtown core.  Although there were 250 cars registered, angle parking fit it into a much smaller area than previous years.  The block on Front Street west of Hwy 81 wasn’t used at all.

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The number of motorcycles present were much less than I’ve ever seen.  This was disappointing because we have a new Motorcycle shop in town.


As usual there was no entry fee to the mid-way.  It was busy and filled with lots of foot traffic.  One of the most popular areas was the free swings that are there year round.

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There was a $10 cover charge after 8PM for the beer garden/local bands, so I didn’t enter to get photos of the bands, especially when the free band was still playing downtown.