Rondeau Provincial Park: Marsh Walk

Using my Seasonal Pass for Provincial Parks I went to Rondeau for the day.  I was hoping to use my kayak in the bay, but it was a bit to choppy for me to try with my limited experience.  So I decided to try the 7 Kilometer (one way) Marsh Walk.  The signs warn that you need 4-5 hours to complete the round trip to the point and back.  The problem with taking such a long hike with my camera is that there were so many wonderful photos it takes just as long to edit the pictures.  Without distance markers it is impossible to know how much farther you have to go, so you just keep walking until you hit the end.

The upper level of the look-out at KM 1 is closed, but the slight detour is well worth the extra time to see the swallows on the main level.  In the past this is as far as I got.  A bicycle would make the trip easier as the route prior to the gate is easy to travel.

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Beyond the gates it’s a much more difficult walk as there are turtle nests everywhere and the road is far less traveled.

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Reaching the turnaround at the point was a little disappointing as there were no signs to say “You’ve made it” and you are unable to see above the reeds.

End of Marsh Trail at Rondeau Provincial Park.


The birds were amazing along the Marsh walk:

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And so many plants along the marsh trail:

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I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to reach the point.  I look forward to returning to Rondeau Provincial Park during the summer to bike, hike the other trails and use my kayak.

Pinery Cedar Trail

I celebrated the first day of Summer with a 3 hour kayak of the Old Ausable Channel, then hiked the Cedar Trail adjacent to the Visitors’ Centre at Pinery Provincial Park.

The Cedar Trail is an accessible loop type route including a look-out area.  There is an extension (non-accessible moderate hike) that leads to the beach area.  Columbine, black eyed Susan’s and poison ivy are abundant along the trail.

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Butterflies posed and played.

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Strathroy Home Town Festival (Turkey Fest) 2017

I was a little disappointed that the name is being changed on the 40th anniversary of our Turkey Festival.

I arrived shortly after 7 PM for the car show, held in Strathroy Downtown core.  Although there were 250 cars registered, angle parking fit it into a much smaller area than previous years.  The block on Front Street west of Hwy 81 wasn’t used at all.

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The number of motorcycles present were much less than I’ve ever seen.  This was disappointing because we have a new Motorcycle shop in town.


As usual there was no entry fee to the mid-way.  It was busy and filled with lots of foot traffic.  One of the most popular areas was the free swings that are there year round.

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There was a $10 cover charge after 8PM for the beer garden/local bands, so I didn’t enter to get photos of the bands, especially when the free band was still playing downtown.

Pinery Kayaking

Learning to Kayak has taken me to Pinery Provincial Park to the calm, clear waters of the Old Ausable Channel.  It takes me about 3 hours to go from the boat docking area to the far bridge and return.  I’ve managed to see huge snapping turtles swimming and painted turtles sunning themselves on the logs.  Unfortunately I’m not brave enough to take my camera kayaking with me yet.

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Flowers blooming in June:


Hungry Muskrat swimming in the Ausable Channel:

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Fish, dragon flies and birds abound.

Strathroy Farmers’ Market

June 10th, 2017 was the second Saturday of the Farmers’ Market behind the Library.  The weather was wonderful.  Only an intimate number of vendors choose to attend.

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Looking forward to next week.  Hometown festival and the Market moves to the Downtown Streets of Front and Frank.

Strathroy Farmer’s Market


Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 was the beginning of the Saturday Morning Farmers’ Market in Strathroy ON.

A small number of dedicated vendors showed for the perfect calm day with sunshine.

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Friends new and old, stopped by during the morning to check out the displays.  We’re all looking forward to the upcoming Market Season.

Porte Photos prints will be available at the Strathroy Farmers’ Market during the 2017 season.  8″x 10″ prints only $10 and $15 for framed prints.


Pinery Provincial Park: Sassafras Trail

May 31st, 2017 was a great day to go hiking.  Temperatures were a very comfortable 20C, the sun was shining and there was very little wind.  The only drawback for the day was the abundance of ticks.  It seems that ticks are everywhere this season, so be certain to check yourself, your friends and your pets for these dangerous pests.  Next time I will be trying insect repellent, but probably the only effective ones are the ones with 30% deet is available at the Store.  Cover up with lots of light weight fabric.  Woolly socks aren’t a good idea as ticks seemed to love the texture and actually burrowed through the knee high socks.

On our hike through the Sassaftas trail at Pinery Provincial Park, we took a foot path off to the right.  This added lots of steps and was great hiking with rolling hills.

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Wild columbine were in full bloom and we saw wild lupine.

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The lookout at the furthest point on the trail was quite a climb and interesting as we stood almost at tree top level, but the view was very limited.

As we continued our tour around the park, we stopped at my favorite bridge just before the Hickory Trail, and were rewarded by seeing many turtles sitting sunning themselves.


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