Long Point Provincial Park

Using my Provincial Park Pass I thought I would visit Long Point Provincial Park.

One of the oldest Provincial Parks in Ontario I thought this would be an interesting adventure.

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The Provincial Park website said there was hiking so I was all set for the day, only to discover that the only hiking was along the beach (2 Km of sandy beach area) or campsite areas.  I thought I must have missed something so I asked the staff and they confirmed there are no trails or boardwalks at Long Point Provincial Park. Most of the 346 acres of this park is inaccessible to hikers or visitors.  A kayak or boat is required to see most of the area.

Well groomed Campsites abound and if you were looking for a good beach day then this would be your paradise.

You can bicycle on the paved roads with the other traffic, but again this is very limited and is advertised as only 5 Km.

The road/access  system is poorly designed.  Entering the park you pass the pay booth, if you choose the day use area your only choice is to exit before accessing any of the other areas.  So loop around again to go to the boat launch.  If you go to the information booth, you again have to loop around the pay booth to access the day use area. I’m certain the staff must have gotten tired of checking my Park Pass.

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