Spring walk at Sydenham Conservation Area

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Free Parking!

Free for the walking!

Sydenham Conservation Area Trails in Strathroy are now in excellent condition for walking and viewing spring blooms.  My usual walk through this area around Pincombe Mill Pond is about 3 miles.  There are several looping trails so you can vary the walk.  The boardwalks are beautiful.

This time of year is perfect because there are no mosquitoes yet.

The grasses and undergrowth are also  just beginning so the views are wonderful.  Skunk Cabbage is adding green highlights to the low areas.  Trees are either blushing or just starting to open their leaves.

Trout lily, Blood root, Spring beauty, Marsh Marigold and Dandelions are already blooming.

By the end of the week Trilliums and May Apples will be in bloom.

The Emerald Ash Borer has caused extensive damage, so many trees have been cut down and left to help contribute to the natural forest floor.  Chipmunks and squirrels are playing in the downed branches.

Bring some food to feed the Canadian Geese and Mallard ducks on the bridge.

Come and enjoy our beautiful wild paths in Strathroy ON!



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